Suppliers code of conduct


Carglass® aims for a professional partnership in which a win-win relationship is the starting point. This is achieved by adhering to qualitative, efficient and ethical principles. Clear and fair processes, without prejudice, determine the choice of suppliers.

Carglass® wants to make a difference in everything it does for its employees, its customers and society. It does so by promoting a strong Corporate Social Responsibility and Engaged Entrepreneurship policy. Carglass®’s CSREE policy is based on these three pillars: Values, Charity and Environment.

Carglass® requires all its suppliers to endorse and apply this CSREE policy in order to obtain a professional and sustainable partnership. In addition, Carglass® expects its suppliers to make every effort to encourage their own suppliers to comply with this Code of Conduct.

The code of conduct applies to suppliers of both goods and services. These are suppliers, contractors, ...

Carglass® has obtained the following labels in relation to sustainable entrepreneurship. The CSREE report can be found on the website.

1. Values (ethics)

Carglass® attaches great importance to ethical business practices. The four Carglass® values of Respect, Creativity, Honesty and Solidarity guide us in fulfilling our mission. Based on these four values, we expect the following commitments from our suppliers:

  • Suppliers must adhere to fair trade practices in the areas of advertising, sales and competition.
  • Suppliers must respect property rights.
  • Suppliers must comply with international human rights principles and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. The supplier may not be guilty of violations of human rights. It ensures, at its own production sites as well as at its subcontractors, customers and suppliers, the following rules and procedures are complied with:
    • exclude child labour in all circumstances;
    • prevent all forms of forced or compulsory labour;
    • recognise the right of workers to freedom of association;
    • exclude all forms of discrimination, both in recruitment and in the workplace;
    • ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity, by each and every one;
    • exclude unacceptable behaviour, such as harassment or sexual harassment and discrimination;
    • ensure compliance with applicable compensation and working time laws.

Within our business ethics, we also attach great importance to ensuring the safety and health of our employees. It is therefore self-evident that our suppliers pay sufficient attention to this. That's why Carglass® expects them to:

  • take responsibility for the health and safety of their employees, customers and suppliers;
  • manage risks to the maximum extent possible and to take the best possible precautions with regard to accidents and occupational diseases;
  • establish and implement an acceptable management system in the field of health and safety;
  • provide training and ensure that employees are informed about health and safety;
  • when operating at the Carglass®, sites, fully comply with the Carglass® policies and guidelines..

2. Charity

As an organisation, we want to be open to what is happening around us. We feel socially responsible and therefore support a number of well-considered initiatives that are closely aligned with the four Carglass® values. These initiatives are bundled under the name ‘Charity by Carglass®’.

We encourage our suppliers to also participate in local, national and/or international projects to promote our society.

3. Environment


  • At the end of the day or at the end of the activity, the environment is left clean and tidy.
  • Nuisance (such as noise, mobility, odour, etc.) to the environment must be avoided.
  • The supplier makes sufficient efforts to reduce and limit energy wastage.


  • Waste will be kept separate as much as possible so that it can be recycled. The requirements of the collector must be taken into account.
  • Waste disposal can be done in two ways:
    • By taking the waste with you. From this moment on, the waste becomes the full property of the supplier.
    • By having the waste collected. This is done exclusively by an authorised collector. Documents handed over by the collector are made available to the person in charge with Carglass®
  • The treatment of waste must be carried out in accordance with the applicable local environmental legislation. Waste may never be incinerated on site.


  • • Contractors are not allowed to pour chemicals (e.g. white spirit, ...) into sinks or drains for waste water or to pour them on the soil around the Carglass® site. If this is noticed, any remediation costs will be borne by the contractor. This also applies to the washing out of paint brushes.
  • • Leaks or accidental release of chemical products to the soil and/or waste water must be avoided as much as possible. In the event that this does happen, the person responsible at Carglass® must be notified immediately.

These are general rules that apply to every supplier. More specific, additional rules may be agreed for certain works. These are stipulated in the contractual agreements.